Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Nimrod back in the air!

After being grounded with the rest of the Fighter Collection fleet; Hawker Nimrod I G-BWWK took to the skies for a test flight at just before 1pm on the 24th November 2010. Not regularly seen in the skies it is hoped that one airshow soon, possibly flying legends, we could witness this aircraft in the air along with HAC's Nimrod and Fury (nearly completed restoration) and Shuttleworth's Hind and Demon to provide a stunning spectacle.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bearcat tests!

Friends Of The Fighter Collection blog,, has reported that the operator's Bearcat (G-RUMM) undertook a couple of test flights on 18th November at 13:50. Nice to see the winter cold isn't putting of Warbird operations!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Spitfire making progress

The Shuttleworth Collections Spitfire Mk.V is making progress in it's major overhaul. The wing skins have now been fully removed and the skeletal structure is in process of being cleaned inch by inch.

Provost in for annual!

The Shuttleworth Collection's Piston Provost has gone in for the annual inspections. Picture courtesy of Shuttleworth Collection.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

P-51C Airbourne!

Warhawk Air Museums' P-51C "Boise Bee" has returned to the air after many years of restoration. Picture coutesy of Tony Speer vua Facebook

Engine change for well worked girl!

Shuttleworth's Sea Hurricane has under-gone a swap-out of it's Merlin III engine. The spare was already owned by the collection and the original will go for complete overhaul - an overhaul it definately deserves!
Pictures courtesy of the SHuttleworth Collection!/notes/the-shuttleworth-collection/sea-hurricane-engine-change/451640884475

Po-2 purrs into life!

The Shuttleworth Collections Polikarpov-2 underwent engine runs on the 19th October 2010. Hopefully she will be in the air very soon!
Picture coutesy of The Shuttleworth Collection!/notes/the-shuttleworth-collection/po2-engine-runs/447674854475

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Draken back on the scene!

The world's only airworthy SAAB Draken J 35 is back in the air after being grounded for two years owing to "out of date" explosive cartridges in the aircraft's escape sequence.

Spitfire's Galore!

Recent months have seen no less than three Spitfire's enter the public eye around the world. Historic Flight Foundation's IXe SL633 flew again on October 15th with John Romain at the controls, flying out of Washington in the USA.

In New Zealand; Tr.9 MH367 returned to the skies on September 10th with Keith Skilling at the controls. It is owned by Doug Booker.

Finally in the USA the Commemorative Air Force's FR.XIV flew again on August 21st and took part in the Wings Over Camarillo Airshow 2010.

Focke Wulf's galore!

Original Focke-Wulf Fw190A-5 0151227 owned by Flying Heritage Collection and Flug Werk Fw190 owned by Dan Kirkland are well on the way to flying status. The most exciting being the former which will be the world's only original flying Fw190. Gosshawk Unlimited is currently completing both projects.

Spitfire crash

Biltema owned, former Fighter Collection, Spitfire FR.XVIII SM845 crashed upon landing at Tynset, Norway; killing experienced Warbird pilot Bertil Gerhardt.

Firefly to fly!

Shearwater Aviation Fairey Firefly FR.1 PP462 was rolled out at the RCN show at Shearwater Airport on September 11th 2010. Engine runs took place during October and it is hoped to be flown a couple of times before going on display at the Shearwater Museum. Picture courtesy of Shearwater Aviation website.

Stringbag back in the air!

The Royal Navy Historic Flight's Fairey Swordfish Mk II LS326 returned to the air on September 30th 2010. After over a decade off the circuit. Suffering structural and engine problems since 1999, it must have looked at some stages as though we would never see the "Stringbag" again. What a welcome sight she was at the Autumn Airshow 2010 at Duxford, Cambs, as she toddled in over the western horizon.