Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Monday, 31 January 2011

Fury for Belgium

Hawker Fury FB.10 left Perth, Australia bound for Flying Aces Services and Training in Belgium. This now brings Europe's active Fury collection to at least five aircraft (1xTFC, 1xRNHF 2xFrench based + 1xBelgium), a mouth-watering prospect to see all of them at Flying Legends.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Aardvark retired

In the same month Britain's iconic Harrier Jump-Jet was retired; the last of the world's operational F-111 "Aardrvark" were retired by the Royal Australian Air Force.

MeierMotors Focked Up!

MeierMotors, Germany, will take delivery of the world's only airworthy example of the FW190D "Dora". The Flug-Werk built machine is owned by Jerry Yagen. It has arrived at Bremgarten to have it's Allison engined changed for a Jumo 213.

UK airshow fans could be forgiven for hoping MeierMotors are given permission to operate the aircraft at 2011's Flying Legends.

PL344 Spitfire XI leaves UK

Operated by Tom Blair's UK company, Spitfire Ltd., from Duxford, Cambs; PL344 left the UK bound for a new registration in the USA.

PL965 back to originality

Peter Teichman's, Hanger 11 Collection, Spitfire XI has had it's original Merlin 70 that powered it during 1945. Peter's efforts in making his aircraft as close to original as possible is well documented and this addition to the Spit will be well received.