Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Legends Confirmations

Following on from the confirmation of Robin Roberts' J-3 Cub; has been several other confirmations shaping the show.

Firstly Chris Vogelgesang's Yak-3UA "White 100" has already arrived at DX. Last year we were treated to no less than 3 of these new build, but still fine, aircraft.

The newly created Breitling wingwalking team have confirmed attendance on their own web site. Previously Guinot sponsored (pictured), the new scheme of all-over orange is very eye-catching. Flying Stearman's - they are still every bit a classic aircraft.

The Battle Of Britain Memorial flight have confirmed attendance of their mighty Lancaster and at least one each of the Hurricane and Spitfire.
The Scandinavian Historic Flight will be sending P-51D "Old Crow"

Finally, a rumour has circulated, via a reliable source, that a very unique "Hawker" formation will take place. What this will consist of is being kept very secret - Classic Aviation can only hope that it will look something like Nimrod, Demon, Hind, Fury (Bi-Plane), Demon and Hurricanes...very special indeed!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Waddington Warbird Show

Lincolnshire's premier Airshow is upon us; and it's shaping up to be the best show they have had there for many years. Waddington, in spite of popularity, has been bland for many years now. Ever since the Kosovo conflict the RAF has been unable to attract international participation of much calibre. This, however, has once again not changed at all; but the organisers have endeavoured to offer the public much variety.
The usual suspects all appear here: The Red Arrows, The Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight, Sentry/Nimrod/Sentinal Flypast etc.
From Classic Aviation's point of view is the extra influx of classic and warbird types. With six Spitfires (not including BBMF), two Hurricanes, a Me109J Buchon, the Great War Display team and Air Atlantique attending en masse - the show is shaping up with a very historic feel.
The undoubted stars of the show, and crowd pullers for enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, will be the SAAB Gripen and the Avro Vulcan. Pictures and report to follow.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Classic Aviation visits Hendon

As described by a national magazine, RAF Hendon is a must for any enthusiast. I will not waste time talking gumpf for gumpf, you should just visit yourself, you will not be disappointed. Classic Aviation visited the museum on the same day as the Queen's Birthday Flypast; which meant a "buzz" of RAF Hendon from the BBMF Hurricane and Spitfire fighter pair - bonus!
So many unique aircraft are enclosed within the walls it is an enthusiasts dream. If we were to be critical some of the exhibits, especially the Battle Of Britain hall, is in too much darkness for decent photography. The atmosphere and displays are stunning though, so we will forgive them this one point. Enjoy some of the highlights.

I wish/they wish

A quick browse of the forums recently shows the rumours about Red Bull's P-38 Lightning attending this year's Flying Legends. Classic Aviation can find no facts to back-up this rumour. So this one is going on to the wish list. It would be great to see a P-38 at Legends once again, however, Red Bull are notorious for not sending their aircraft very far for airshows and it would seem the UK is currently off the radar.

Classic Aviation has a wish list of it's very own, and, we hope, is slightly more realistic one. After major refurbishment Association Charlies Heavy's Grumman TBM-3 Avenger is back on the airshow circuit in Europe. Having been operated by Tony Haig-Thomas from North Weald until 2006 it then moved on to Switzerland. Avengers have been absent from the UK Airshow scene for many years now and would be a more-than-welcome return. Pictured is the IWM Duxford's Avenger, with B-25 in the background, hanging from the ceiling in the American Air Museum.

Flying Legends first arrival!

The first official arrival for the 2010 Flying Legends airshow has come in the form of Robin Roberts' J-3 Cub, or L-4 Grasshopper, "Special Delivery". The Cub's give a truely contrasting display to the other "warbirds" at Legends when they show off their ability to turn in the air 'on a penny' and show almost helicopter-like characteristics when slowing to a virtual stop; fantastic characteristics for an observer aircraft.