Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Old Warden Spring 2010 Preview

The much forgotton (or over-looked) first airshow of the year takes place at Old Warden on Sunday 2nd March 2010. Old Warden is always a very pleasant, laid back, way to start the Airshow season. With so many beautiful and rare aircraft on display, and with an expert team running the show, this really is a great place for enthusiasts to dust off the camera's.
The expected line-up for next weekend's show is as follows;

Bristol F2b
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Triplane
DH51 Miss Kenya
DH60 Moth
DH60X Moth
de Havilland Chipmunk
Bucker Jungmann
de Havilland Chipmunk
DH82a Tiger Moth
Miles Magister Pair
Silence SA1100 Twister & S-1 Swift Glider
Piper PA25 Pawnee
Hawker Tomtit
Avro Tutor
Ryan PT22 Recruit
Percival piston Provost
Silence SA1100 Twister Pair
Gloster Gladiator
Westland Lysander
Hawker Hind
Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B
Piper Cub & Glider Tow
Bristol Boxkite
Avro Triplane

Nothing too exotic is listed here but still a great line-up by the average airshow's standards! Visits from the Catalina and Hanger 11's Hurri-bomber will go down nicely. Strange that no BAE Sytems aircraft are listed to participate including Blackburn B2 (pictured) and de Havilland Rapide, but Shuttleworth being Shuttleworth they don't want to promise to over-deliver! Hawker Demon, restored last year by SkySport engineering, is currently in the workshop but finger crossed that it just may attend the show.

Stay tuned for the review and some pictures!

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