Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Monday, 2 August 2010

Super Spectacular

Europe's premier Warbird & Classic Aircraft show took place in the usual spectacular fashion. Any attendee will tell you this is an enthusiasts dream with the history of aviation unfolding before your very eyes.
With the ongoing paperwork problems with the CAA, you could forgive the Fighter Collection for staging a less-than-perfect show. This will never be the case. Working tirelessly over the last year TFC were able to display the old favourites EP120 Spitfire V and their Bearcat. The latter being displayed with the usual 'umph' by Stephen Grey as the Joker. Not being registered in the UK the Sea Fury and TF-51 Mustang "Miss Velma" completed the home team participation (though the Nimrod did make the flighline).
New participants in this years show were MeierMotors' TF-51 Mustang and the Red "Star" of the show; Polikarpov I-16 "Rata" - both brought all the way from Germany; and the first appearance of the beautiful all silver with red stripe Yak.
The power-horses were in force this year with three Skyraiders, Corsair, Fury and the aforementioned Bearcat and Sea Fury making up a forceful flighline.
Other stars included the unique Morane, Mew Gull, Arrow Active, the immaculate Norwegian Dakota, Yak 3/9 and now Europe's sole airworthy B-17 "Sally B". The BBMF chipped in with the Lancaster, Spit Mk.II and Hurricane trio and the German participation was completed by Ju-52, Me108, 2x Jungmeisters and a Jungmann - the latter of course flown by Anna Walker.
This year saw a special tribute to Hawker with the HAC's Hurricane in the line-up with 2x Nimrod, Demon and Hind all represented. Shuttleworth sent their 'big' pair of Gladiator and Lysander. ARCo put their Buchon in BoB colours on display to chase the usual strong Spitfire participation which included the now German registered Mk.VIII (formerly owned by Robs Lamplough in the UK)

Another wonderful show again rubberstamping the spectacle as the centre piece of the European airshow scene.

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