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Classic Aviation

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Zero heading to the UK??

In the January issue of FlyPast Magazine there is an article regarding the Old Flying Machine Company and, in particular, Spitfire MH434. Towards the end of the issue it has been reported that OFMC are in process of acquiring a new aircraft, hinted at being on loan, along the same sort of lines as their Spitfire and Mustang.
This aircraft has to be of financial value to such a small operator; and it is suggested in the article the company is still functioning purely on the income of it's aircraft. The real juicy part of this report, from an enthusiasts point of view, is that they describe the aircraft as "hitherto never before seen in the UK". 
Thinking as to what this machine could be that is a) financially muscular b) never before seen in the UK and c) able to be operated by OFMC obviously rules down the number of options.
Never seen before in the uk most certainly rules out some exciting types including P-38 Lightning, B-25 Mitchell and de Havilland Mosquito - though they would have financial pulling power they have all been seen before in the UK. Likewise Me109 or Hurricane which would complete a classic trio of fighters for the OFMC.
Some never-before-seen could include Me262 (new build) or Commenwealth Boomerang but the financial power of these aircraft is questionable for non-enthusiast income.
Classic Aviation money is on the OFMC attempting to acquire a Mitsubishi Zero - this, to our conclusion, fits the requirements of the OFMC nicely.
Please, feel free, to leave your thoughts or offer any alternative suggestions! Pictured are OFMC's current aircraft Spitfire MH434 and Mustang "Ferocious Frankie" based at Duxford.

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  1. Did they actually specify a TYPE of aircraft not seen in the UK before, or just a particular plane not seen (didn't see the actual article)? 'Cause those are 2 very different things. Either way, it's nice to see OFMC making some moves again, after being pretty low-key for several seasons.