Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Popular B-25 crashes

French based North American B-25J Mitchell, formerly based with Jet Alpine Fighters in Switzerland, has suffered a crash landing. Fortunately both pilot and passenger survived and were recovered from the crash site, however, early reports suggest the aircraft is a write off. Here is a translation of the report from France:

"A plane crashed this Tuesday May 31 at around 17:30 close to the aerodrome of Melun-Villaroche (Seine-et-Marne), between Moissy-Cramayel and RĂ©au. This collectors machine (appareil de collection?), an American bomber dating from the Second world war, was seen by witnesses with an engine on fire. According to employees of the Snecma factory, close to the aerodrome, the aircraft would have then started an abrupt turn. After having avoided electric lines, it landed in a field within 300 meters of autroute A5B, noted two Parisian journalists. The pilot and his passenger were successfully extracted from the aircraft. They are unscathed. Important means of safety were deployed to extinguish the fire and to prevent that the tanks of the B25 from exploding."

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