Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Duxford Spring Air Show Preview

With the Battle Of Britain Memorial flight participating heavily; this year's Spring Duxford opener could be considered a "historics" show. "RAF down the ages" is the plug the Imperial War Museum is using to advertise this spectacle.
The BBMF are scheduled to supply their Lancaster, Dakota, 3x Spitfires and 2x Hurricanes - supplemented by Peter Vacher's superb Hurricane. Sally B takes her pride of place in the IWM's show alongside The Fighter Collection's TF51 Mustang. (Scrubbed from the original line-up is TFC's newest addition Sea Fury).
A welcome sight in Duxford's skies will be Royal Navy Historic Flight's Fairey Swordfish - so often promised and so little produced - flying alongside HAC's Hawker Nimrod.
The Shuttleworth Collection are to send along their SE.5a and Bristol Fighter after being unable to send any of their WWI aircraft into the air at their own Spring Opener.
In what could be it's last season in the UK Golden Apple's N.A. F-86 Sabre is happily scheduled to participate.
All-in-all a very promising show with the weather forcast equally so - cloud but no rain! Watch this blog for a review and photos.

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