Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Monday, 10 May 2010

Old Warden Spring 2010 Review

Rainy and Windy are the two words that dominated this show that almost didn't happen at all. Conditions being what they were lead to the organisers, quite rightly, delaying the start of the flying by an hour on the Met's promise of better conditions.
Indeed the rain did subside, however, the wind did not and constantly blew at 20knots+. This naturally restricted the flying display to those aircraft capable, which meant the Edwardian and WWI aircraft were instantly scrubbed from the display.
In typical Old Warden style the organisers pulled out all the stops to but on some kind of show and indeed pieced it together minute-by-minute. Undeterred by the conditions Plane Sailing's PBY Catalina kicked off the show in typically stylish fashion; being able to get significantly closer to the crowd line than at many other shows.
Peter Teichman braved the reported dire Essex weather to bring his Hurri-bomber to the display; a more than welcome visitor. Old Warden based aircraft made up most of the line-up with Sea-Hurricane, Gladiator and Lysander putting in equally impressive displays as the show's "heavies".
The show was delightfully capped off by the debut of a double Twister act in adition to their Glider and Twister show.

Although the sun only briefly blessed the airfield, and the wind being absolutely relentless, a typically enjoyable Old Warden show was still put on to great credit of the Shuttleworth Collection.

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