Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Flying Legends first arrival!

The first official arrival for the 2010 Flying Legends airshow has come in the form of Robin Roberts' J-3 Cub, or L-4 Grasshopper, "Special Delivery". The Cub's give a truely contrasting display to the other "warbirds" at Legends when they show off their ability to turn in the air 'on a penny' and show almost helicopter-like characteristics when slowing to a virtual stop; fantastic characteristics for an observer aircraft.

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  1. So, they're really kicking off with the Heavy Metal this year, eh? On a more serious note, howcum we get Cubs 3 years running, but the likes of the Argus and the Sentinel don't get a look in? I'd love to see a whole slew of 'liaison' types lined up on the DX grass!