Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Legends Confirmations

Following on from the confirmation of Robin Roberts' J-3 Cub; has been several other confirmations shaping the show.

Firstly Chris Vogelgesang's Yak-3UA "White 100" has already arrived at DX. Last year we were treated to no less than 3 of these new build, but still fine, aircraft.

The newly created Breitling wingwalking team have confirmed attendance on their own web site. Previously Guinot sponsored (pictured), the new scheme of all-over orange is very eye-catching. Flying Stearman's - they are still every bit a classic aircraft.

The Battle Of Britain Memorial flight have confirmed attendance of their mighty Lancaster and at least one each of the Hurricane and Spitfire.
The Scandinavian Historic Flight will be sending P-51D "Old Crow"

Finally, a rumour has circulated, via a reliable source, that a very unique "Hawker" formation will take place. What this will consist of is being kept very secret - Classic Aviation can only hope that it will look something like Nimrod, Demon, Hind, Fury (Bi-Plane), Demon and Hurricanes...very special indeed!

1 comment:

  1. Odds on 'Old Crow' blowing something significant 2 days before the show?
    Is the Lanc going to be ready - last I heard it was still poorly?
    Once upon a Legends they teamed Hind, Hurricane & Fury ISS - the hind was going flat out, while the Fury was almost at stalling speed!