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Classic Aviation

Saturday, 19 June 2010

I wish/they wish

A quick browse of the forums recently shows the rumours about Red Bull's P-38 Lightning attending this year's Flying Legends. Classic Aviation can find no facts to back-up this rumour. So this one is going on to the wish list. It would be great to see a P-38 at Legends once again, however, Red Bull are notorious for not sending their aircraft very far for airshows and it would seem the UK is currently off the radar.

Classic Aviation has a wish list of it's very own, and, we hope, is slightly more realistic one. After major refurbishment Association Charlies Heavy's Grumman TBM-3 Avenger is back on the airshow circuit in Europe. Having been operated by Tony Haig-Thomas from North Weald until 2006 it then moved on to Switzerland. Avengers have been absent from the UK Airshow scene for many years now and would be a more-than-welcome return. Pictured is the IWM Duxford's Avenger, with B-25 in the background, hanging from the ceiling in the American Air Museum.

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  1. The simple fact that 'Glacier Girl' has dropped off the agenda has got to increase the chances of the Red Bull P38 coming, if only slightly (I'd take their natural metal B25 as well, please!) - if they want a Lightning, this is how it's got to happen.
    I'd like an Avenger PAIR, with the French example that's previously appeared at Legends (& Yeovilton) joining the Swiss one.
    Realistic shot: return of the Saab 17.
    Fantasy shot: is there not still a Gauntlet flying in Norway - imagine that with 2 Gladiators!