Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Friday, 9 July 2010

Flying Legends Friday

A fantastic day in the sun was mixed with some brilliant arrivals and breathtaking displays. All around a great day. The tone was set at 1040 when the French P-40 "Little Jeanne" arrived with the P-51 "Nookie Bookie". After noon the first of the Jungmeisters arrived and the P-40 and French Corsair put their own solo performances on in delightful fashion.
EP120 (Spit MkV) was put through her paces after a test flight and the Sky Raider that arrived yesterday went for a local flight. From 1500 hours the arrivals started in force...
The all-silver Norwegian Dakota arrived doing a fighter-esq run and break. Shortly after the transport theme continued as the Lufthansa Historic Flight pair of Ju52 and Me108 Taifun arrived with the all-silver finish glistening in the sun from miles away. Fifteen minutes passed and the second Sky Raider of the show arrived from France with the Kennet aviations example a mere ten minutes behind. This completed the trio of Sky Raiders expected for the show.
The Mew Gull broke up the 'heavy' arrivals and then a formation called up on the radio. A wonderful formation of Spitfire XIX, Yak 3 (in a glorious all-silver with red star scheme), the Abode Yak-9 and the Morane 406.
Another formation of Arrow Active II, Magister and the second of the Jungmeisters. The Biltima owned F-51 arrived before practise displays by the second French Sky Raider and the silver schemed Yak-3. The final arrival before your reporter left was the Hawker Demon.

You could sense the excitement and enthusiasm all around us as we prepare for another great Legends show.

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