Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Flying Legends Thursday

The morning started with a departure in the form DX resident Catalina. The believed destination Lake Geneva, Switzerland. 
Back in Legends action was yesterday's highlight the Polikarpov I-16 with an early practise display for display authorisation.
At just after midday the arrivals started in style. French based Fury, in Australian markings, brought yet more substance to the line-up started by TFC's Sea Fury, Bearcat and the I-16 (which made a startling contrast making the Polikarpov look very small indeed). Less than half an hour after the I-16 was completely outclassed on all sides, size wise, when French Sky Raider entered DX skies.
With a Flight Line forming a formation was heard over the radio at 1400 hours. A neat, and unusual formation of, French Corsair and German registered pair; Spitfire Mk.8 and TF-51 - the latter never before seen at Flying Legends.
Now the "fun" could begin. With the sun coming out and the winds nearly completely calm; "boss" Stephen Grey took his Bearcat to Duxford skies with the usual full power bottle display so sorely missed during the CAA complications. At 1640 the heavy metal hit the air when both Sea Fury's formated and practised a very stylish routine.
Early evening PT-22 Ryan Recruits from Old Warden added themselves to an already impressive line-up.
To complete a great day Pete Kinsey took TF-51 "Miss Velma" up for a display just after the Spit Mk.8 and ARCo's BoB Buchon had also had practise sessions.
Just before the museum closed Anna Walker turned up in her Bucker Jungmann.

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