Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Flying Legends Wednesday

A very quiet start to the Flying Legends week saw absolutely no activity, other than Classic Wings pleasure flights, on the airfield. ARCo's TR.9 Spitfire occupied the grass near the holding point and Stephen Greay's Pilatus PC-12 occupied the aipron. Sally B could be seen down the far side near the AAM. At 12:40pm a Ballerina put on an aerotbatic display.
Then, at 14:10, a two plane formation called up on the radio. Looking to the skies we saw the distant shape of an I-16 Polikarpov. The two ship formation gave the airfield a "buzz" before disappearing to Cambridge to complete customs papers.
Just over an hour later one of the stars of Flying Legends 2010 was cleared for landing and, after a long curved approached, reached the terra firma of DX. (See Pictures) No sooner had the I-16 landed it was hauled off the grass and into the safety of Hanger 2 (South).
16:35 saw the first real activity by the home team. EP120 and the Sea Fury were rolled out onto the grass. The Sea Fury was quickly prepared and despatched for a local flight and display practise. Soon after EP120 (Spitfire Mk.V) was sent skyward with the "boss" Stephen Grey at the controls - watched intently by Steve Hinton and the TFC mob. 
Then...DRAMA! The Sea Fury pilot called on the radio with an instrument reading showing that an undercarriage leg was down. Stephen, in EP120, headed North to inspect the Fury - reporting no damage and possibly an under-carriage flap still being open. Meanwhile, the tower had reported the EP120 had a visual under-carriage problem. Stephen buzzed the airfield for inspection which showed a malfunctioning panel near the wheels. The tower set off emergency flares and the fire crews were standing by. 
Thankfully both were able to land without incident and the minor snags repaired. Though dramatic....a few less incidents please boys!

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