Classic Aviation

Classic Aviation

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Legends News Day #3

The so called "media day" is usually a quiet affair with a few demonstrations, engine runs an many fluorescent jackets. Where the latter remained true the other factors usually associated with the Wednesday prior to the show were not.

Historic Aircraft Collections Hawker Nimrod stood on the flightline all day with numerous engine runs and plenty of tinkering. A question mark probably now hangs over the fighter's head as to it's availability for the show.

The Fighter Collection have been hard at work preparing this airworthy aircraft and "The Boss" Stephen Grey was certainly having fun with his toys.
After taxiing out the Corsair he reported a tech problem and returned to the parking spot. Instead he jumped in Spitfire V EP120 and took her for a spin instead! Putting a wonderful display and likewise later in TF-51D Mustang "Miss Velma". Steve Hinton later took the Mustang up and reported a leak from the radiator forcing him to return to the airfield.

One of the "stars" of this years show did it's bit for the media. The Sikorsky S.38 flying boat put in wonderfully low display and parked up in a fine photographic position by the control tower.

Later in the afternoon TFC's P-40F was put through it's paces and put in a great display. Unfortunately the fighter had to be shut down at the end of the runway owing to tech difficulties. After being towed to the hangar the fighter was put on jacks with the undercarriage retracted.

The only arrivals today were Yak-3 reproduction "White 100" and Spitfire TD248. Plenty more to come!

As the day came to a close the HAC Nimrod was still under going engine runs and ARCo Battle Of Britain Hispano Buchon was taken up for a twilight display.

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