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Classic Aviation

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Legends News Day #4

After all the excitement of yesterday enthusiasts can be forgiven for thinking today would have been more of the same. With blazing sun and clear skies it is somewhat surprising that activity was somewhat diminished in comparison to the previous day.

It started off in the best possible way with the focus being on The Fighter Collections P-47G Thunderbolt "Snafu/War Eagle" out on the grass for engine tests. Not long after she was taken up for a local flight and then, to the delight of photographers, put through her paces in a display over the airfield.

From there it went unusually quiet. Apart from HAC's Nimrod conducted yet more engine runs on the field there was very little Warbird action throughout the museum for several hours.

Later in the afternoon things picked up when P-40F "Lee's Hope" and the P-40B were positioned on the live side of the field. The Pearl Harbour survivor had the panels off and the engine was run and tweaked. The P-40F was taken for a flight and a display following repairs made after yesterday's shut down and jacking.

After another brief gap Spit EP120 and TF-51D Mustang "Miss Velma" were prepped for a formation practice display. During this time another Spitfire & Mustang formation called up on the radio making for some very comical communications between lead pilots and the tower. The visitors, after being told many times to not use the call sign "Mustang & Spitfire formation", turned out to be MeierMotors/Max Alpha fighter Spitfire Mk.VIII and their plainly marked TF-51D Mustang. The first arrivals in two days!

With a large number of European and UK arrivals still expected tomorrow, dubbed "Arrivals Day", could be very busy indeed!

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